Scholarship and loan for MBBS Admission Abroad

One of the biggest issue faced by students when deciding for abroad medical education is finance availability. Firstly, Scholarships are a sort of  awards for students that can be used towards expenses of their education related to tuition fees waivers. Such types of scholarships for MBBS abroad are provided by government of India as well as government of Russia. Some scholarships are very competitive while there are many others that are not even utilized due to lack of knowledge among students. The scholarship can be based on several factors like country specific, course specific, medium of instruction specific.

Scholarship and loan

While there already many scholarships for students willing to study MBBS in Russia in Russian medium, but there are hardly any of them for MBBS course in English medium aboard. Even the government of India has come up with an online portal to provide some relief to students willing to study MBBS abroad for education. This scholarships portal for MBBS admission abroad can be accessed through the Indian Government Scholarship.

Secondly, the most widely utilized option by most of students for abroad education is a bank loan. Since there has been a drastic increase in number of students travelling abroad to Bangladesh, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.  There has been equal rise in number of education loans being sanctioned by banks. However, the criteria of getting loans for MBBS admission abroad can seem to be stringent at times, there is always an option to avail a personal loan by mortgaging  any asset which so ever.

Recently, government of India has also taken a very good initiative for students who wish to avail loan for abroad education by launching an online portal named Vidya Laxmi portal. The portal can be accessed through Vidya Laxmi.

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